Geo Super Live In HD

Geo Super Live In HD

Geo Super Live In HD
Geo Super Live In HD


Geo Super Live In HD first in Pakistan’s history; the Independent Media Corporation (IMC) introduces the first Pakistani channel dedicated to the world of sports and sports stars ‘GEO Super’. Geo Super as the name suggests personifies everything that is ‘SUPER’ in the sporting world. From super players to super performances, from super tournaments to super thrills, the channel offers the highest calibre of sportsmanship in all sporting activities. GEO Super provides unlimited coverage of every sportsman, both on the ground, and off the ground


To be the channel of choice for audiences interested in the latest and archival sporting events around the world, as well as a promotion of local sporting events from Pakistan.


TO be the ultimate choice for spectators. ‘GEO Super’ is the pioneering Pakistani Sports channel showcasing the dynamic world of sports and the superstars in all facets of their game and life.


To keep our audience informed and abreast of the latest sports events and activities around the world. Geo Super is a vehicle for live and archived sports, along with a variety of sports-related programming.


We have an unyielding commitment to all sports fans, to constantly provide them with the latest and most informative news, coverage of all sports events, an analysis on sporting activities and the personal side of their superstars. We are determined to bring you closer to your sports idol

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